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Create an actionable and aggressive Social Media Marketing strategy. Differentiate Your Brand and Amplify Your Message with Our Proven Social Media Marketing and Advertising.

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A social media strategy is a document outlining your social media goals, the tactics you will use to achieve them, and the metrics you will track to measure your progress.


Experience is such a thing that you just can’t with money. Our 5+ years of expertise with glorious data-driven results build Us totally different from all other Marketing companies.

Industry Experts

The most prominent industry experts lead us in not only Bangladesh but also the Whole World. Professional work Quality is Our First intention.

Proof of Results

Most Marketing companies say that they can deliver the Result, But we Don’t just Say but also Show the Work Proof form Our Running Project.

More About Our Social Media Marketing Services

Analytics Marketing is a Fast and Reliable Bangladeshi Marketing company based in Chittagong with 10+ years of experience in the digital industry.… but that’s not all. Here is why you should work with us

Facebook and Instagram Marketing

In Bangladesh, Facebook and Instagram offer the most value in SMM. We will, however, research your industry and audience to find out the best platform, whether it is Facebook Boost or anything else.

Linkedin, Twitter and Pinterest

Additionally, our social media marketing experts can fine tune your SMM needs with other popular social media channels such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

Marketing In Lesser Known Social Media

Social Media Marketing (SMM) with lesser known platforms e.g SnapChat, StumbleUpon, Scoop It, etc. are important to target a specific group of audience. Whatever your need, we’ve the right solution.

Social Media Channel Setup and Optimization

If your company is newly built or you don’t have social media accounts, we’ll set up and optimize them for your business. Your company will have complete ownership of this account.

Conversion Tracking

Tracking important metrics from your social media network is crucial to measure performance. We build up a system that continuously provides necessary information you need to measure your success.

Social Media Ads

Do more with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter Ads for boosted posts. We are the social media ads agency to create your custom ad campaign by audience research and on your company’s goals.

Are You Making The Most Of Your Social Media Accounts?

Being visible is not merely the purpose of using your social media for your business. Anyone can be visible on the internet. What matters is how far and how well you’re going to use that visibility to your advantage. Effectively marketing your business on social media is about the following things:
  1. It’s about reaching a wider audience.
  2. It’s about posting content that is most relevant to your target market.
  3. It is all about creating a voice for your business that will invite and engage your target market to avail of the services you’re offering
And most important of all, the ultimate goal is to convert client activity-likes, comments, and shares-into actual sales.

How Do You Turn Likes Into Sales?

Between running a business and keeping your customers happy, we understand it could be too much effort to think about putting something witty or interesting on social media. It can get too tiring to ask friends to share your Page or Re gram your latest post. Yes, social media marketing can be too much of a burden to bear-Alone.

That's where we can HELP you!

Analytics Marketing Is Your Social Media Marketing Genius

Analytics Marketing can help you create the buzz you need for your business. Using our wide experience and skill in digital marketing (Social Media Marketing is a part of Digital Marketing), Analytics Marketing can take your social media experience where no one else can.

We employ some of the most effective strategies in converting your social media activities, including:

  • Creating effective and engaging social media content
  • Directing your social media activity to reach the intended audience
  • Tracking your client activity on your account to determine how to engage them better
  • Making sure you don’t spend money unnecessarily and carelessly on advertising on social media sites

Analytics Marketing is the company that has helped bring countless businesses closer to their market, and closer to bigger, better sales.

We’ve helped them get on social media and reach out to markets they did not know existed; we’ve spared them from the unnecessary advertising expenses and helped drive their marketing budget into efforts that actually deliver results, and we can do all that FOR YOUR BUSINESS too!

Analytics Marketing  believes in the power of social media, and we will help you use that power to advance your marketing efforts without taking your focus away from what truly matters to you: your business.

Social Media Marketing

Your brand should be where your target audience is. People of all ages, interests, and status are part of social media. These platforms have a higher reach than all TV channels combined. That is why you need the expertise of a social media manager and have curated social media post design.

Content created with business information. Pictures, motivational quotes, memes, infographics, call-to-action posts.

we don't provide engagement on my packages. I don't answer comments and messages.

: We increase the followers only by using relevant hashtags and following other pages too. I don't boost followers. I don't use automatic programs to increase them.

Definitely! You will get a report in Excel format. It will help you see and understand each phase in different tabs easily.

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